Absolutely AMAZING Anti-CNN Billboard Has Appeared Across The Street From Their Headquarters!

It’s maddening to many and just plains sad to some the route that CNN has decided to take in recent years making a point to be less a news source and more a platform for liberal ideals.

It would be one thing if they had a liberal commentator on there for five minutes and then a conservative one right after it.

That would be more of a news type situation or at the very least a discussion.

What they are doing now is just like someone hijacking the microphone and not letting anyone else have it.

Which is all the more sad due to the fact that CNN used to be a place where you could go for the news.

I remember with great vividness being a kid around the time of the Persian Gulf War  in 1990-1991 and there would always be friends of my mom and dad that they knew from the base dad was stationed at who would come over every night to watch the war coverage for a couple of hours because so many people in our area still didn’t have cable.

Now it would be hard to get someone we know to watch CNN if you paid them.

It’s difficult not to get frustrated with CNN. For the casual viewer, watching CNN usually means your flight’s been delayed again and you don’t have any choice in what media you passively consume as you sink deeper into that horrible little bench seat.

And if you’re not a casual viewer, it means you’re familiar with who Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo are.

Neither of those are particularly great outcomes.

If only there was some way that I could register my displeasure with CNN so that they would really notice it.

I mean, sure, I could send them a letter or a tweet, but they’d just ignore it the same way they talk over the token conservative guest on any one of those panel shows where a bunch of gibbering idiots squawk about for five minutes until it’s time for a commercial break.

As they say on those infomercials, there’s got to be a better way.

And so there is: Take over a billboard right across from the network’s headquarters.

The billboard, which highlights the network’s negative coverage of the summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un, is right across from CNN’s Los Angeles headquarters in Hollywood.

“The billboard at the corner of Sunset and Cahuenga features (CNN President Jeff) Zucker’s face and faux title, ‘CEO, CNNPC’ and it refers to CNN as the ‘Communist News Network.’ The main message reads: ‘Keep Korea Divided,’” The Hollywood Reporter noted.

They left out the funniest part, of course — an asterisk which read “because OrangeManBad.” It’s unlikely this had any too much effect on the network’s coverage of the summit, since it went up on Friday, after it was over.

Via Conservative Tribune