Jim Acosta just doesn’t get some of the basic tenets of journalism.

Even when you are asking questions to someone you might disagree with personally on something, you have to put that aside and try to be as impartial as impossible.

Shoot, look at Mike Wallace during the Iran hostage situation so many decades ago. He was sitting across a table from someone who was responsible for the hostages being hostages in the first place and he still kept his cool.

Jim Acosta can’t keep his cool for nothing.

So, what do we do here. Well, we do what we do with a relative for example that acts like a jerk at every family gathering. We kick them out and tell them never to come back.

The White House suspended the media credentials of CNN reporter Jim Acosta on Wednesday night, citing his “absolutely unacceptable” conduct for tussling with a White House intern at a presidential press conference earlier in the day.

Mr. Acosta learned of the move when a Secret Service officer confiscated his White House credentials, known as a “hard pass,” as he tried to re-enter a security gate at the White House.

Mr. Acosta said later on CNN that he believes the White House is punishing him for asking tough questions.

“This is a test,” Mr. Acosta said. “I do think they’re trying to shut us down, to some extent.”

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