ALERT: Department Of Justice Just Got Sued, Comey’s Leaker SHAKING

The Department of Justice seems like it’s running some kind of shell game to protect James Comey.

Think about it for a moment if everything that has gone on with Comey would have been done by you, me or anyone else they would have had us behind bars so fast our heads would spin.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is being sued for what they failed to produce in regards to a professor who supposedly received memos from the James Comey, the former FBI Director who was dismissed by President Trump.

One of the memos in question was evidently leaked to the New York Times and the Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) would like to get to the bottom of what’s going on. Comey might be a little bit nervous because the lawsuit apparently involves a friend of his, the Colombia professor Daniel Richman, the man who is supposedly the reported leaker.

Comey and his alleged pal Richman might both be a little bit nervous.

Of course, that’s only if there’s something to hide, right?

Do they have something to hide? That’s unknown and perhaps one of the reasons that the Daily Caller News Foundation is suing the DOJ.

The Cause of Action Institute, working for the DNCF, sued the DOJ because the FBI didn’t produce “any records related to Daniel Richman in response to the news organization’s April 25 Freedom of Information Act request.”

If the DCNF is successful in obtaining further records about Richman is yet to be seen. It could go both ways in favor of the DCNF or it could be totally thrown out by a judge who has no interest in seeing justice served at the hands of information being released.

It’s believed that Richman is a friend of Comey’s and that Richman somehow got his hands on four memos that discussed Comey’s conversations with President Trump. The DNCF stated that two of those memos likely contained classified information and that Richman had leaked one memo, at least, to the New York Times – a publication that President Donald Trump often criticizes during his “fake news” rants.

The DCNF continued: “Meanwhile, Comey, in a July 5, 2016 press conference, absolved then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton of any criminal activity in using her private server for government business while she served as secretary of state, saying that she was “extremely careless,” but not grossly negligent in using a private server for official government business. Gross negligence would constitute a federal offense tied to the mishandling of classified government secrets.

Comey hired Richman as a special government employee, or SGE, to conduct an assortment of personal duties for him, including the task of developing “talking points” about the bureau’s investigation of Clinton’s use of a private email server.

Richman served on “special projects” as an SGE for at least 19 months and “served at the pleasure of” Comey, FBI records show, according to Fox News.

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