MSM Trying To BURY Amazing Video That Shows Trump’s True Character…

Donald Trump, like most people is someone that just wants to try and do the best he can for his country and the people around him.

It’s the reason why so many conservatives and Trump supporters that still haven’t totally switched parties look on at the Anti-Trump crowd in complete befuddlement.

They want him to fail and they have wanted this from the very beginning.

It’s strange. Imagine if you have child that plays football in high school or something and your son’s team makes it all the way to the finals.

Now, say the coach said something that you didn’t like on the bus ride to the stadium. W

ould you sneak into his hotel room and shred every page of the playbook the night before the game?

No, you would still hope that he did well because if he does well the whole team does well.

Liberals want the country to not do well, for whatever reason. It’s like stopping firemen from coming into a burning building.

That being the case, whenever the mainstream media tries to talk about Donald Trump they always talk in the vein of negativity, never about the good work he is doing.

If Donald Trump has been clear about one thing since his run in the 2016 presidential election, it’s that he has a ton of respect for the men and women who serve our country and our communities.

From policemen to members of our military, Trump honors Americans in uniform.

Recall back to an incident that BizPac Review reported on in May.

President Donald Trump was leaving an illegal immigration forum in Bethpage, New York, where the island has seen a massive amount of violence committed by the violent MS-13 gang.

During the meeting, Trump paid tributes to families who have lost their loved ones to the brutal gang.

The thing that people were really talking about was the fact that a group of firemen were standing and saluting President Trump in their full turnouts.

They were wearing boots, fire helmets, and jackets.

As you can see, the President was happy to stop his motorcade and salute the firemen right back, showing his respect. The firemen can be seen saluting as multiple vehicles drive by. The presidential limo showed up and pulled to a stop. Multiple people could be seen exiting the limousine. Then, President Trump could be seen getting out of the limo.

Cheers broke out as the President made his way over to the firemen. He signaled to the men, who came over to him and they shared a warm greeting.

“Thank you, thank you,” the President said as he shook all of the firemen’s hands.

“That’s awesome!” one of the firefighters was heard saying.

YouTube users were thrilled with the President’s attention to our men and women in uniform.

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