AOC Has Just Gone On Her Most UNHINGED Rant Towards ICE Yet!

There are several things that one acquires through maturity, one of them being the realization that sometimes it’s not the best time to make an issue out of something…AOC hasn’t realized that yet.

One of the other things that you realize as you mature and grow is that you might have a message that you want to get across but there is a more tactful way to deliver that message…AOC hasn’t realized that.

This may shake some people out there, but there are some folks that act like petulant children their whole lives. They could be in their early thirties and still want to flip the checkerboard over if you are winning against them.

Now, back to AOC. You would think that her first week on the job she would be prone to some of the temper tantrums that she has been having due to the fact that nobody has sat her down and taught her what diplomacy means. The way she has been acting has gotten totally out of hand.

Far-left New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wrote a Twitter rant against Immigration and Customs Enforcement, accusing the law enforcement agency of rape.

Ocasio-Cortez, in true socialist fashion, created a list of opponents within her party after 26 Democratic representatives voted for a provision that will require ICE to be notified when an illegal immigrant tries to purchase a gun.

On Wednesday, House Democrats voted for an anti-gun bill that will require background checks on all gun sales.

The bill would be considered a huge win for Democrats if it wasn’t spoiled by an amendment that 26 of them helped approve.

The amendment, which infuriated Ocasio-Cortez, will help deter illegal immigrants from buying firearms.

Ocasio-Cortez threatened to make a list of Democrats to challenge in upcoming elections, according to The Washington Post.

The Post reported that Ocasio-Cortez indicated that “she would help liberal activists unseat them in the 2020 election.”

The representative’s spokesman, Corbin Trent, said that Democrats who vote with Republicans “are putting themselves on a list.”

Ocasio-Cortez disputed the report and elaborated on the controversy by tweeting she is upset with Democrats for giving “more power” to ICE.

Ocasio-Cortez also accused ICE of “widespread reporting of rape.”

Ocasio-Cortez seems to be confused. It is MS-13 gang members — the animals who ICE protects us from — who are known to peddle drugs, commit rape and assault.

There are numerous reports of ICE arresting illegal immigrants who are wanted for heinous crimes such as murder and human trafficking.

Without ICE, there would be many more murderers, rapists and drug dealers running amok — which doesn’t seem to bother Ocasio-Cortez.

Via Conservative Tribune