After Obama Called Trump A Racist, Tucker Exposed Barack For Who He Truly is

Barack Obama is an extremely bitter man if you wanted to really examine him.

Sure, on the surface and to the people he is trying to pander to he will always attempt to convey a cool, collected demeanor but deep down he is an extremely bitter man who is doing everything that he can to try and divide the country.

Obama has popped his head back up on the campaign trail ahead of the 2018 midterms.

He sounds like a bitter has-been complaining about Donald Trump and the Republican party.

Tucker destroyed Obama and his speech saying, this is a reminder of why the people elected Donald Trump.

America is tired of being labeled a victim and race baiting.

Via Subject Politics: “In a remarkable departure from tradition and decorum, Obama gave a bitterly partisan campaign speech at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana in which he urged voters to support Democrats in the midterm election,” Carlson said. “Like virtually all Obama speeches the subtext was about the omnipresence of white racism which Obama needless to say blamed for the rise of Trump.”

Obama broke the norms of recently retired Presidents not popping back up on the campaign trail ahead of a midterm in order to get his party elected.

This is okay in the Democrats eyes but God forbid Donald Trump breaking any norm, that is not okay because he’s a republican.

Obama had a lot to say, adding to the racism narrative over our new administration, but there was nothing said about the destruction of the middle class during his administration.

And don’t let their “democracy” narrative fool you either, democrats don’t care about democracy, they just want their power back.

Also, Obama threw in some Russia narrative, you know, the cherry on top; asking what was up with Trump’s administration “cozying up to the former head of the KGB.”

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