George Bush’s Office Exposes Booker as a Fraud: We’ve Said Yes to Every Single Request From Spartacus

As you are probably already quite aware, Senator Cory Booker is part of the Senate Committee that has been charged with the duty of questioning Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh.

They have been asking him about practically every decision that he has ever made during his life since everything he’s ever done is open season in a forum such as this.

It’s honestly surprising they haven’t pulled the records of a library card he had when he was six or something of this like.

Back to Booker for a moment, around liberal water coolers his name has been bandied about as a potential candidate to run against Donald Trump in 2020…and he thinks he is Spartacus.

Yes folks, THAT Spartacus.

The problem for Cory Booker is that his Spartacus moment isn’t going to be arriving anytime soon.

Take a look at the video below for some background into what we are referring to:

“I will say that I did willingly violate the chair’s rule on the committee confidential process,” Booker said in the hearing room.

He continued, “I take full responsibility for violating that, sir. And I violate it because I sincerely believe that the public deserves to know this nominee’s record. And in this particular case, his record on issues of race and the law. And I could not understand, and I violated this rule knowingly, why these issues should be withheld from the public. Now, I appreciate the comments of my colleagues. This is about the closest I’ll probably ever have in my life to an ‘I am Spartacus’ moment.”

The thing is that Booker is a liar.

Seung Min Kim wroteTwitter, “NEW statement from Bill Burck, GWB’s records representative who led the review of Kavanaugh’s records.”

She attached the image of a quote reading, “We cleared the documents last night shortly after Senator Booker’s staff asked us to.

We were surprised to learn about Senator Booker’s histrionics this morning because we had already told him he could use the documents publicly.

In face, we have said yes to every request made by the Senate Democrats to make documents public.”

Conservative Tribune writes on the matter:

…This is a bit like William Jennings Bryan dramatically telling the 1896 Democrat convention, “You shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold!” getting a standing ovation, and then someone casually striding up to the podium and informing the crowd the gold standard had been abandoned some time ago and we were all on fiat currency now.

Except picture the entire convention laughing at Bryan to begin with and then laughing harder when he got proven wrong.

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