Crazy Hillary Wants Congress To Keep Digging On Trump Even If Mueller Comes Up Empty!

If anyone has ever seen the classic Paul Newman film Cool Hand Luke, you might remember the scene where Luke finally fight’s George Kennedy’s character Dragline.

Kennedy’s character being a much larger man than Newman beats the absolute stew out of Newman’s.

Yet Newman keeps getting back up despite everyone and their brother telling him to stay down and Kennedy’s character not even wanting to fight him anymore because it’s getting ridiculous how bad the beating has become.

Yet there being absolutely nothing in the tank and nothing to go on, Luke wants to keep the issue up. Now, that’s all well and good if you are in a boxing match or some kind of a race; but if you are wanting someone to be investigated criminally and there keeps turning up that there is nothing there eventually you have to stop.

Police know this too. If there is someone that they suspect of a crime and they eventually figure out that there is nothing onnecting their suspect to the crime they are investigating they eventually stop bothering that person.

Hillary Clinton on the other hand, is the type of person that would want to keep going after the person until the end of time. She is still so upset so many years later about losing the election that she wants people to find something on Donald Trump…even though there is nothing there and never will be.

Failed 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton doesn’t want Congress to give up on pursuing evidence of President Donald Trump colluding with Russian officials to impact the 2016 elections, even if Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report comes up empty.

In a podcast with former Daily Beast chief Tina Brown recorded earlier this week, Clinton was clear in delivering her marching orders to the Democratic Congress: keep digging.

“There is enough grounds in what has already been made public for the government, for Congress in particular, to be doing more with it,” Clinton said. “And I’m pleased that under Speaker Pelosi, the Democrats are beginning to hold hearings and try to connect some of these dots.”

She doubled down on her dismay at the Democrats’ annual Selma Unity Breakfast Sunday morning, telling a rapt audience that, “We are living through a full-fledged crisis in our democracy,” and that we are living through a time when “racist and white supremacist views are lifted up in the media and the White House.”

Other attendees of the breakfast repeated Clinton’s claims of having the election “stolen” from her by overzealous FBI agents and Russian hackers.

There’s some clear fear here: Clinton’s team was pushing the “Russian collusion” narrative within 24 hours after the election, even though it was clear Trump won a commanding victory in the Electoral College, even if she narrowly won the popular vote.

But Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s official investigation into the matter appears to be coming to a close — an Amazon placeholder for the report itself says the publication date is “March 26,” and DOJ officials have been trumpeting the report’s release for a few weeks now — and it does not appear, at least from the subpoenas issued and the charges filed, that Mueller has found much in the way of actual collusion.

Via Daily Wire