Gary Sinise Just Announced Yet Another Amazing Way He Is Giving Back To Veterans! (VIDEO)

There may be no finer actor in terms of what they give back to veterans an the military than Gary Sinise.

It seems that every minute that he isn’t working on a film or television project that he is giving back to the armed forces in some way.

You could almost set your watch based on how many trips he has made to help entertain troops or provide some kind of assistance for veterans that are down on the luck.

He is truly a shining example of how we wish everyone would be.

Gary Sinise may have missed out on that “Person of the Year” award from Time (in fact, we suspect he wasn’t even in the running), but he continues to be one of our favorite celebrities — not just for what he does on screen, but even more so for what he does off of it.

According to First Coast News, Sinise and his Lt. Dan Band gave a free concert at the Naval Air Station Jacksonville down in Florida on Friday in order to honor the troops.

Rock isn’t exactly Sinise’s main gig, but his band — named after his character in “Forrest Gump,” of course — has been around for over 15 years, and its raison d’être has been entertaining our nation’s troops.

“In 2003, following one of his many trips overseas to visit those serving our country that year, Gary asked the USO if they would allow him to take a band with him on a tour. He wanted to entertain in the spirit of the Bob Hope tours in years past. As he had already gone on several handshake tours, the USO agreed,” the band’s website reads.

“The band was pulled together, began rehearsing, and in February of 2004, Gary Sinise and The Lieutenant Dan Band hit the road on their first overseas USO tour to Korea, Singapore and Diego Garcia…. Gary and the band have played an average of 30-40 shows per year with a good 95% of those shows for USO, military charities, resiliency events or benefits.”

Here’s the band’s cover of “Purple Haze,” performed on Okinawa in 2009:

As Sinise told his audience in the video, the band has been to installations around the world, entertaining the American armed forces who protect freedom around the world. That spirit is what brought the actor and some other musicians to Jacksonville, he told First Coast News during an interview Friday.

Via Conservative Tribune