Horrifically Creepy Picture Of Joe Biden REVEALED, See It Before His Friend Obama Has It Taken Down!

When it comes to someone wanting to run for President, they have to look at it as the most strenuous job interview that you could ever possibly embark on.

A candidate has someone and maybe a dozen or so other people that all want the same job and it is the duty of the American people to weed out everyone that they feel are unworthy candidates and figure out who would be the best to run the country.

Due to that part of the process, every aspect of a person’s life is going to be looked at and examined at some point or another.

If you stole a candy bar when you were six don’t be surprised if that ended up getting brought up at some point.

It’s because we Americans want to make absolutely sure that we know exactly what we are getting into and that we are hiring the best possible person for the job at that time.

That being said, it seems that Joe Biden is wanting to throw his hat in the ring yet again.

It’s by now no secret that former Vice President Joe Biden is a creep.

Even as Democrats try to paint President Trump as sexually abusive, evidence keeps popping up that it’s, in fact, Biden that Americans should be keeping their daughters away from.

Numerous photos and video clips show Biden getting handsy with female colleagues, peers and even family members of fellow lawmakers.

Heck, he even groped the daughter of a US Senator during a public ceremony!

Even so, this old photo of Biden eyeing what must be a little girl of no more than 8-years-old has got to be the creepiest thing I’ve seen in a long time:

No doubt Biden wants this removed from the Internet as quickly as possible. Can’t possibly run for president when everyone thinks he’s a child molester.

Via Conservative Post