Judge Jeanine Risks Everything To Expose Obama’s “Legacy” Once And For All…

Judge Jeanine Pirro is someone that does not exactly like the presence of nonsense to be anywhere around her.

Unfortunately when talking about Barack Obama you come into contact with it on such a regular basis that one might wonder if a person should walk around wearing a respirator to keep it from getting into their system.

The election of Donald Trump in 2016 was in essence the final report card that the people gave to Barack Obama on his time in office. We effectively told him that we did not want to deal with the stink of the previous eight years.

Still though, even today Barack Obama still gripes in a way that makes you wonder if the option was open to run for another term if he would do it.

I can assure you that he would and would call in even more favors than he did in 2008 and in 20012.

That’s the thing with liberals is that they don’t want to try and work with you in any way at all.

All they seemingly want to do is either complain until they get their way and if they don’t get their way to pretty much burn the village down.

That is what they are trying to do now and Barack Obama making the speeches that he is making that all he is doing is further sowing the seeds of anger that will likely erupt in a powder key some day.

Thankfully we have people like Judge Jeanine who are more than willing to sound the alarm against liberal nonsense:

Barry…Barry…Barry… While you were busy trashing the man who is arguably the most important President of our time, President Trump was likely making a deal that would create more jobs and further reduce his historically low black unemployment numbers. You know, the black community that you only pretended to represent, but instead used to fuel your race war, as a way to divide our country, believing it would benefit Hillary in the 2016 election.

You couldn’t have been more wrong…

Hopefully, enouh people get the message because with the way that liberals are trying to move we might be running out of time.