DISGUSTING: Kaepernick Donated $25K to Group That Honors Convicted Cop Killer

As it happens to be with Colin Kaepernick you can always tell a lot about a person by how they give money to charities.

There are some charities that if you really dig deep into them are charities in name only that at the end of the day are about as charitable as a vending machine.

Most people on both sides of the political spectrum assumed that Colin Kaepernick was going to just fade away off into the sunset with his NFL fortune. 

This clearly was not the case as Nike has now decided to make Colin the face of their 30-year anniversary “Just Do It” slogan.

Kaepernick has been thrown back into the spotlight once again, and this time people are burning their Nike’s to protest the brand for choosing the man who kneels for the national anthem. 

Now Colin Kaepernick, the former NFL quarterback, is being praised by the mainstream media for kneeling against civil injustice. 

Unfortunately, Nike made Kaepernick the face of their new slogan but what they didn’t know was that Colin donated a huge sum to a group that honors a convicted cop killer.

Once people discover Colin gave $25,000 to this group, even more Nike apparel will go up in flames. 

Kaepernick’s secret donation of $25,000 to a charitable group honoring a convicted cop killer has been leaked. His foundation gave the money to Chicago-based Assata’s Daughters in April as part of a million dollar charitable pledge.

Reported by the greatamericanpolitics: Assata’s Daughters was founded in 2015 to ‘develop and train young people, ages 4-19, in the Black queer feminist tradition and in the spirit of Assata,’ according to the group’s website.

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