KARMA: Trump Hating DeNiro’s Wife Packs Her Bags And LEAVES HIM

There are plenty of people that work in the entertainment industry that are likely good and decent folks, but the fact of the matter is that the big name people are the ones that always seem to make everyone look bad.

You take a guy like Robert DeNiro for example. Here he is, with an objective level of good talent but the baggage that he carries with him absolutely over weighs it.

His obsessive demonizing of President Trump would have to get to people in his inner circle eventually.

The surprise election of billionaire outsider Donald Trump as President Of The United States drove the political left including a multitude of celebrities to a psychotic break with reality and with each ensuing day, the slow progression of incurable Trump Derangement Syndrome has driven these tormented souls mad.

One of the loudest and crudest of the celebs is Robert De Niro, the grumpy old man who became a star by playing fake tough guys and mobsters and whose profanity-drenched diatribes against Trump make a sane person wonder whether it’s time for a nice long vacation in a mental health care facility under supervision and heavy medication.

Bitter Bob’s animosity toward Trump must have made the De Niro household into a living hell because now his wife is leaving him.

Via Page Six, “Robert De Niro and wife Grace Hightower split after over 20 years”: Robert De Niro and his wife of over 20 years, Grace Hightower have split, Page Six has exclusively learned.

A source close to the couple confirmed that they are no longer living together.

We hear that they’re expected to potentially announce their breakup publicly in the coming weeks.

Said a pal, “They are not living together at this time.”

Social sources have noticed that “Raging Bull” star De Niro has been solo at events he’d usually attend with Hightower over the past months. Said one source, “De Niro and Grace are breaking up. He’s been at a few things since the very end of the summer without her — and rumor has it they are done.”

Congratulations to Mrs. De Niro for scoring this early Christmas gift.

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