Liberal Black Caucus Members Caught Spending YOUR Money To Travel The World To See Beyonce Concert! (VIDEO)

When elected officials travel for non business purposes, you would like to think that they are going to do it on their own dime.

Sure, if it’s on company time and you are traveling on official business it’s perfectly fine for the government to pay for your plane ticket but if you are not doing something that is strictly business you shouldn’t have one dime of your trip paid for.

Jesse Ventura may be a polarizing figure to many for a number of reasons but I would like to use him as an example. In 1999 after his election as Governor of Minnesota he was asked to referee a wrestling match for the WWF. Knowing that his presence in a large sports arena would be cause for extra security he worked out the deal that the WWF would pay for the cost of the security detail that day so there wouldn’t be any cost to the taxpayers.

Also, he did the show on a Sunday when government business was not taking place. In effect it was no different than him taking his family to a movie on a Sunday afternoon.

Democrats on the other hand, will do everything that they can on company time. If you had a company credit card and told them to go to the store to buy printer paper, they would take it grocery shopping and say afterwards that they thought it was OK.

Democrat Black Caucus members, took a trip across the world to attend a Global Citizen concert and rub elbows with Oprah, Jay Z, Beyonce, and race-baiter-for-hire Al Sharpton.

The one-day concert allegedly cost $60,000 and was funded by a lobbying group under the guise of helping poor children around the world live a better life.

I’m no mathematician, but it sure seems like $60,000 could feed a lot of hungry children in Africa.

According to Fox News, five members of the Congressional Black Caucus took a $60,000 trip to see Beyoncé and other stars perform in concert in South Africa late last year, according to congressional disclosure records.

The lawmakers were U.S. Reps. Gregory Meeks of New York, Barbara Lee of California, Bobby Rush of Illinois, Terri Sewell of Alabama and Hank Johnson of Georgia.

The trip was paid for by Global Citizen, a nonprofit that lobbies for anti-poverty programs around the world, the Washington Examiner reported. The group said the presence of members of Congress at the concert would “showcase America’s ongoing commitment [to] health equality and global human rights.”

According to the travel itinerary, the congressional members were in South Africa for one full day and used two partial days for travel.

In January, a group of Democrats was criticized for flying to Puerto Rico for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus BOLD PAC gathering in San Juan, where they also attended a special performance of the Broadway play “Hamilton.”

The National Legal and Policy Center, a watchdog group, called the trip a “mockery.”

“These members of Congress that were given an all-expense paid vacation to party with Oprah, Jay Z, and Beyoncé in South Africa are claiming with a straight face this was needed to help poor children around the world live better lives,” Tom Anderson, president of the NLPC’s Government Integrity Project, told Examiner. “This was in fact, a mockery of House ethics rules on gifts and travel, the truly poor, and all Americans that expect members of Congress to live not only by the letter of the law but by the spirit and intentions of the rules of the House of Representatives.”

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