WATCH: Liberal Tells Tucker Caravan Can’t Claim Asylum In Mexico And BOY Does He REGRET IT

People in the mainstream media have been conjuring up every kind of excuse that you can think of to justify the actions of the migrant caravan that has come from Honduras.

From all accounts, the migrant caravan would have been able to request asylum in pretty much every other country that they have been traveling through; which on a side note if they were walking the whole way they wouldn’t have gotten to the border already; yet they want to take advantage of our system.

It’s like if you have a family member that has to stay over unexpectedly and you let them sleep on the couch but when it comes time for you to fall asleep they are stretched across your bed.

The question that everyone should be asking is something that was briefly mentioned a moment ago, if all they cared about was getting the heck out of Hondouras than there are so many places that they could have stopped at to seek asylum that we’re sure would have helped them if they wanted to officially ask for refuge.

This has seemingly little to do with actual asylum and more to take advantage of a system that is already stretched thin.

Tucker Carlson understands that and he was ready with the facts when Univision’s Enrique Acevedo came on his show Tuesday night and tried to dance around what’s really going on down at the border.

From The Daily Caller: “Just because you don’t have a criminal record does not mean you are eligible for asylum. So please address Buck Sexton’s, I thought very incisive point, that if you are seeking asylum, you are, by definition, required to ask for it in the first safe country you reach, where you don’t face a mortal threat, and that was Mexico, where they were offered asylum, but they didn’t take it,” Carlson added.

Acevedo fired back, “Keyword being safe, not a country where thousands of people are being killed every year actually. More than, you know, 500,000 people have been killed in Mexico in the last decade or so. So it’s not a safe country. I wouldn’t characterize Mexico as that.”

“Oh, so that leads to my second question. I knew you were going to say that. Let me ask you the logical follow-up, which is, if Mexico is so dangerous, that you could not seek asylum there because you are in peril just by being in Mexico, then why isn’t the entire population of Mexico eligible for asylum in the United States?” the show host asked.

“This is the thing, Tucker. You see the immigrants, these Central American immigrants going across Mexico, they are victims of extortion, rape, they are victims of murder, and sometimes they are recruited by criminal gangs. That is why, in part, they are now moving across Mexico and a group because they know they have security, —” Acevedo followed up.

“So let me pin you down here, you’ve said they can’t accept the offer of shelter, Mexico said, ‘we will shelter you, we’ll give you asylum,’ they offered that, good for Mexico,” Carlson continued. “I just want you to answer one question, why is the entire population of Mexico, since you said it’s too dangerous to live in, why are they not all eligible for asylum in the United States?”

You have to give these liberals a little credit for even daring to go on Tucker’s show. It never ends up well for them and this segment was a total blood bath.

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