Lizzy Warren Got Heckled By An Audience For Her Abortion Stance And They TOTALLY RUFFLED HER FEATHERS (VIDEO)

One thing that some people do not understand about being a public figure is that if opens you to ridicule every moment you are out of your house.

If you are a football player that that means that the fans might get on you when you are walking though an airport for missing a tackle that cost the team the big game.

If you are a comedian, you might get heckled while on stage if some drunk in the audience doesn’t like your act or wants to make himself part of the show.

If you are Elizabeth Warren, you might find yourself being poked fun at for faking being a Native American, lying about it, and then proceeding to make some of the worst decisions in terms of the common good of the American people…

Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren was confronted Wednesday at a campaign event in Dubuque, Iowa, over her decision to vote against a bill that would protect babies from infanticide.

At the campaign event, Warren stressed the importance of healthcare for all, including babies.

But a crowd member reminded Warren that she voted against protection for babies who survived abortion attempts.

“What about the babies that survive abortion?” someone from the crowd asked. “How come they can’t have healthcare?”

Warren, visibly frustrated, only uttered, “Infanticide is illegal everywhere in America.”

“You voted against it,” the man reminded her.

Warren couldn’t come up with a response — she only repeated herself. “Infanticide is illegal everywhere in America.”

The bill in question was the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, introduced by Republican Sen. Ben Sasse.

Warren, along with 43 other Democrats, voted against the bill on Monday, making Republicans short of the 60 votes needed to proceed.

Via Conservative Tribune