Lizzy Warren Offered Tribal Status From The Most Embarrassing “Tribe” In The United States

Elizabeth Warren is an embarrassment to the people she represents and the people that she claimed to belong to.

Faking being a Native American to gain an advantage other actual Native Americans could have and have the right to is absolutely sickening.

Take the case of the Italian actor known as Iron Eyes Cody, you might remember him from the litter commercial. In the 1980s he got tapped to play a Native American role in the movie Ernest Goes to Camp.

There was a scene involving him and a couple dozen actual Native Americans that took about two or three days to film. Someone that worked on the movie was interviewed recently and said that they were there for the entire three days of filming the scene. Not once did any of the Native Americans speak to Cody when the cameras were not rolling.

It’s outright sickening what he did, and outright sickening what Elizabeth Warren did claiming to be a Native American when at the end of the day she barely had enough Native blood in her to fill a thimble.

Although the Cherokee Nation distanced itself from Democratic president candidate and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a group that calls itself a tribal nation — a claim disputed by many —  is willing to have her.

The Una Nation, which calls itself an “Indigenous American Mixed-Blood Tribal Nation,” but is a group without any official standing with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, has invited Warren to be a member.

On its website, the group said it is recognized by the “Eastern Woodland Metis Nation Nova Scotia and the Metis Nation of Canada via treaties of Peace and Friendship, as well as being recognized by Mayor Christine Lundberg of Springfield, Oregon, Mayor Kitty Piercy of Eugene, Oregon and Mayor Lucy Vinis of Eugene, Oregon in the form of Proclamations.”

Some say the individuals who have banded together are essentially a social group or other type of organization and is not really a Native American tribe.

Last fall, Warren released the results of a DNA test that she said would verify her claims that she had a Cherokee ancestor. Officials with the Cherokee Nation rejected the test, saying being a member of the tribe is about more than DNA.

Via Conservative Tribune