LUNATIC Joy Behar Hijacked Non Political View Segment To Rant About President Trump! (VIDEO)

Joy Behar has been in a plum gig like The View for so long that she doesn’t understand what it’s like to have to navigate the tricky waters of getting people from both sides of an aisle to buy a product.

There was a comedian once that wrote about having to do a series of radio interviews to promote an upcoming special.

This person had to call into about fifteen different radio markets over a three hour morning show span and do basically the same six minute interview with fifteen different groups of show hosts.

They later said that they keep the questions pertaining closest to either the special or the making of the special because when it comes down to it the box office doesn’t really care about politics, it cares about dollars.

However, you have people like Joy Behar who feel the need to make everything about politics and every moment in front of a camera has to be some political statement. That’s nonsense because not everything in the world is politics. Sometimes it’s just about being entertained or telling a good story.

But nope, Joy Behar has to make every possible thing about politics.

Is there no conversation Joy Behar won’t hijack to turn it into a rant about Donald Trump?

The liberal View co-host on Thursday co-opted a conversation with actor Tyler Perry from Black History Month to ranting about the “thug” Trump. She started shouting, “It’s Shameful! It’s shameful.”

With a picture in the background of Barack Obama and Perry in his L.A. home, the celebrity explained, “But we’re standing there in front of those chairs. They were once owned by Abraham Lincoln.”

He added, “So we both had an opportunity to sit in those chairs and have a conversation, a sitting president, a president in the past who freed the slaves, two African-American men sitting in the chairs having a conversation.”

At this point, Behar swooped in with a rant: When I saw this picture and I knew the story, I said, you know, ‘We had Abraham Lincoln, Barack Obama and now we have a thug in the White House!’ It’s shameful! It’s shameful!”



Behar’s co-hosts seemed shocked and quickly wanted to move on:

ABBY HUNTSMAN: Can we talk about your new movie?

PERRY: Please. Please. Please. Please.

But Behar is the person who used George H.W. Bush’s death as an excuse to rant: “This president that we have now is trying to unravel everything that he did and Obama did!”

In November of 2018, she slammed the Country Music Awards for not attacking the President: “Emergency!… Everybody should be speaking up!”

Via Newsbusters