Massachusetts Liberal CHARGED With ASSAULT After Knocking MAGA Hat Off Stranger’s Head (VIDEO)

There is a complete and total lack of decency on the way that people conduct themselves these days and you can tell it pretty much automatically the moment you see someone.

For whatever reason, people have felt the need to make absolutely everything about politics and treat everything as if it was some life and death struggle.

Not everything has to be about politics and not everyone should have to be on guard all of the time.

Like this deal with liberals going after people with MAGA hats. Let’s examine how routinely ridiculous this is.

The hat is red. From the backside of it you can’t tell what’s on the front. Imagine how stupid someone is going to feel one day when they go to attack someone from behind that they think is wearing a MAGA hat only to find out that they were wearing a hat for their kid’s softball team.

I hope that when the person suddenly decides the error and realizes that they have attacked the wrong person that the person getting attacked doesn’t treat it so forgiving.

A Massachusetts woman has been charged with assault and battery after hitting a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat off of a stranger’s head at a Mexican restaurant.

When asked why she did it, 41-year-old Rosaine Santos said that the man was a “motherf-cker” for supporting President Donald Trump.

According to the police report, as the woman was assaulting the victim she kept demanding that he should not be allowed to eat in a Mexican restaurant.

The victim, Bryton Turner, posted two videos of the incident on Facebook.  He wrote that he wasn’t going to press charges — but then she assaulted him again in front of four police officers.

“This is the problem – ignorant people like this. I’m just trying to sit here and eat a nice meal,” Turner says in one of the videos as Santos is assaulting him.

“I asked Rosaine why she was behaving badly in the manner and she stated that Bryton was a (expletive) for supporting Trump. She also stated that he shouldn’t be allowed in a Mexican restaurant with that hat,” the report filed by Falmouth Police Officer Newton Cardoso states.

Perry Russom from NBC10 in Boston reported that “police say Santos smelled of alcohol. Her eyes were bloodshot and glassy. Her speech was slurred. ‘She continued to raise her voice and yell profanities.’”

Police said that they had to carry Santos from the restaurant, Casa Vallarta, to the cruiser — and she refused to get out when they arrived at the police station. Russom reports that “when she got out, she fell to the ground and officers had to remove her high heels so she could walk.”

During her booking, Santos kept yelling profanities at police and flipped off an officer.