Men Caught Posing As FBI Agents In Brazen Home Invasion! (VIDEO)

People have to be careful these days because there are a million different ways where someone will try to scam you.

If there is a situation where someone can gain money through ill gotten means there is someone figuring out a way to try and do it.

It’s why when reputable companies have someone come to your house for example to perform some kind of service the majority of the time they will properly identify themselves so that you can clearly tell that this person is legitimate.

Police are looking for two men caught on camera posing as FBI agents in an alleged home invasion in Miami Lakes, Florida, according to a video released Wednesday.

The recently released video shows the impostor FBI agents entering the home and later exiting the home with several duffel bags around noon on January 30.

“They went up to the front door of the residence, knocked on the door, wearing a bulletproof vest with the letters ‘FBI,’” Miami-Dade Police Officer Angel Rodriguez toldWSFA.

The homeowners were away from the property at the time of the alleged incident, but a contractor and a housekeeper suspicious of the impostors’ answered the door.

The fake FBI agents then trapped the two inside a bathroom, locked the door, and ransacked the house for valuables.

Investigators say the suspects left the home with $30,000 in sports memorabilia and jewelry. The victims did not report any injuries.

Via Breitbart