WATCH: MSNBC Host Claims Republicans Need To KILL THEMSELVES…”Suicide May Be The Only…”

The hosts of an MSNBC program reached a horrific new depth when they gave out their opinions when it comes to the notion that President Trump’s popularity among supporters might fall if Mueller’s witch hunt negatively affects him.

First of all, they have severely overestimated the thought of Mueller having anything but an empty bag of wind to present to anyone when he ends up presenting what he has “found”. He’s got nothing.

Back to the geniuses at MSNBC, one of the more radical hosts offered a rather sickening manner to for Republicans to deal with the hypothetical situation if the moonshoot of President Trump losing massive support among his base.

MSNBC contributor Sam Seder on Monday night said that “suicide may be the only option” for Republicans due to the polarization caused by President Donald Trump.

Seder, the host of the left-wing “Majority Report” radio show, and Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin appeared on MSNBC’s “All In,” where they discussed Republicans in Congress abandoning Trump in the future if things became more toxic.

“I think the [Rep. Jim] Himes calculation is correct, right? They will abandon him if and when it’s political peril,” host Chris Hayes said. “The question is at what point that would be the case. Again, they’re underwater.”

MSNBC’s Majority Report host, Sam Seder told his fellow MSNBC hosts that “When you look at the map, right? When you look at where Trump went into those red states, and he helped—The problem is, that the polarization is such, that suicide may be the only option for a lot of these people.” The hosts laughed, as Seder clarified, that he wasn’t kidding. MSNBC host Chris Hayes then stopped laughing and agree, “Yeah, that’s right”. The camera then panned to MSNBC host Jennifer Rubin, who had stopped laughing and appeared to be taking Seder seriously.

Watch the incredible exchange unfold here:

Hayes’ quote about Himes was referring to his comments earlier in the show, where he said Republican leaders like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) will distance themselves if Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation negatively affects Trump’s approval ratings.

Suicide isn’t a joke and for someone at a so called news network claiming that anyone should be killing themselves is beyond vulgar. Suicide is a national epidemic and it is the 10th leading cause of death among Americans.

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