MEDIA SILENT! Mueller’s Star Witness Against Trump Was Convicted Of Child Molestation

Robert Mueller is not exactly a person who has put his trust into credible people.

His whole case is a sham and it seems like anyone that he has called to testify against Paul Manafort and speak to his character has had character far worse than the fallacies they are accusing Manafort of.

Mueller’s star witness against Trump is a convicted pedophile… where the heck is the media?

Of course you didn’t hear this on CNN or ABC, they conveniently left that part out of the story.

There’s a little thing called credibility and star witnesses should possess this quality.

Turns out, Mueller’s star witness has zero credibility and zero integrity.

So, why would anyone trust anything that he testifies.

George Nader was convicted for child porn and raping 10 year old boys.

ABC, who failed to mention the whole pedophile thing, called Nadar “well connected.”

This shows how desperate Mueller and his team is to find anything they can on Trump and the media’s backing of it.

It’s been a long road of nothing’s, so they’re getting desperate.

Bloomberg writes, “George Nader was convicted by Prague’s Municipal Court of 10 cases of sexually abusing minors and sentenced to a one-year prison term in May 2003, court spokeswoman Marketa Puci told The Associated Press on Wednesday.”

And this is the man they’re using to try and dig up dirt on Donald Trump.

This is what the special council is wasting all of it’s time on.

All the while, Donald Trump is out there knocking out all of the promises he made to America, one by one.

This man is actually doing what he promised he would do.

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