Over 1,000 Illegals Crossing Per Day At Rio Grande…..No National Emergency Huh Liberals?

When it comes to keeping people safe, sometimes you have to resort to measures that some might find disagreeable but they are for the best.

It’s the reason why they have security at just about every single place where people might gather.

It’s also the reason why when it comes to the border wall people need to stop being so obstinate and trying to work against it.

People have known for years that if they wanted to claim political asylum that there are right ways to do it and places that they can go. The same way that if you wanted to buy a ticket to a baseball game you go to the box office and buy the ticket and walk in. Nobody will bother you watching the game then.

However, if you try scaling the wall behind the stadium to get in there might be a problem if you happen to be sitting in someone’s seat.

We have money in the budget to deal with people seeking asylum if they try to go about it the proper way. The problem with the border situation is that there ar epeople flooding it by numbers that it’s becoming a problem keeping track of them.

While the Democrats try and stop President Trump from closing the border,  we have thousands of illegals crossing every week.

How is this not a national emergency? Is the sovereignty of our nation not of interest to the Democrats?

It certainly would appear that they are putting legal Americans last and have been for years.

Without borders, we are not a nation. Sovereignty matters!


Two illegal aliens with “extensive criminal histories” arrested at the Rio Grande Sector of the border.

They’re not sending their best!


Just to give you an idea of how unprotected the area is, a reporter from the Star-Ledger reports border patrol is everywhere but there are still illegals everywhere also:

The Rio Grande Valley Sector at our southern border is being invaded. Yes, there’s no other way to say it. With a predicted 50% increase in border crossing from FY2018, this puts a strain on the border patrol agent’s ability to cover the area. Who knows how many weren’t caught and made it across without being apprehended.

The Rio Grande Valley area leads the nation in illegal alien apprehensions.

CBP REPORTS: Yesterday, RGV Sector agents arrested more than 1,300 subjects, which marks the second time in two weeks this number has been reached. A majority of these arrests are family units and unaccompanied children from Central and South America, which greatly impact the number of agents available to carry out the border security mission within the RGV Sector.

The Rio Grande Sector tweeted out apprehension of two illegals with “extensive criminal histories”

The Yuma Arizona Sector gets 100-300 a day!

Without a wall at our border, this will never end. Build the Wall!

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