Parents Called RACIST After Catching This 30yr Old Man Posing As 15 At Their Child’s High School

If you live in a town that is small enough, you will end up visiting your old high school at some point even after you have graduated.

Speaking personally, about a year after I graduated from high school I went to go visit some friends that still attended and say hello to old teacher I had classes with when I was home on leave from the military. I was in the building for maybe an hour at most saying hello to various people and seeing how everyone was doing.

For that hour, I had to go directly into the office and show my ID and had to have someone with me at all times since I wasn’t a student or faculty. That was a small town school in the Midwest. In a school that I graduated from that wanted to make sure that I was who I said I was.

The point being is that people will sometimes pretend to be something or someone they are not in order to gain an unfair advantage or benefits that they don’t deserve. The Stolen Valor crowd is enough proof of that.

Parents and students began to express concern after a new student from Iran, appearing to be a grown man, enrolled in their local high school.

Siavash, an Iranian immigrant and alleged 15-year-old boy, joined students at Stoke High School in Suffolk, England. He was born in Iran and fled to the United Kingdom with his 12-year-old little brother.

After arriving in the U.K., Siavash, claiming to be 15 years old, was granted asylum with his little brother.

Britain’s generous asylum system grants children a free education and free housing in some cases.

Fortunately, students were more keen than the officials who granted Siavash asylum. They immediately realized that the 15-year-old was actually full-grown man.

“As soon as he started at the school, we all thought he looked far too old,” one of his classmates said.

Siavash stood over 6 feet tall, grew facial hair, and even had a noticeable receding hairline in the right light.

“You could see the shadow of his beard on his face. He was wearing glasses, but they did not look prescription. It was almost as if he had them to make himself look younger,” the classmate recalled.

“How is there a 30-year-old man in our maths class?” another student asked.

Parents were also asking questions about the mysterious Iranian immigrant, but they were “dismissed as racist,” according to Daily Mail.

If it was obvious to students and parents that he was a grown man, it should have been obvious to the officials who granted him asylum. There even seemed to be photos of the man online with facial hair.

“In one of the pictures I’ve seen of him, he has more of a beard than I do. I don’t want my kids there any longer until he is out,” another parent said.

Thankfully, the man didn’t hurt anybody and was eventually pulled out of school. However, this isn’t the first time a fully-grown migrant has claimed to be underage to get benefits in a Western country.

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