Parents Are ABSOLUTELY LIVID At This List Of RIDICULOUS “RULES” Given To Their Kids At School

When most of us went to school we would have a little booklet that was about fifteen or twenty pages long that we would all get at the beginning of the school year.

It was the student handbook and we would have to give it a look over and sign the back page and give the back page to the teacher.

Just about every single year that I remember going to school the rules were pretty much the same and never changed all that much. It was the basic stuff that would get you a detention, suspended and expelled much in the way a baseball rule book would say that three strikes was an out.

It was stuff that pretty much went without explanation but they gave it to us at the start of the year so that we understood. It told us how long the lunch periods were and how long we had for restroom breaks and the like.

One of the big things that everyone might remember is that most of these handbooks would tell you that if you were fighting or bullying someone that it was your butt if you were caught doing it. Never in my life did I think that they would have handbooks that were on the side of the bullies.

That being said, in the messed up world that we live in where the right thing to do is somehow now the wrong thing to do and liberals want to hug everything out instead of punishing kids that do wrong we actually have schools that get mad at you if you’re the one who is bullied.

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When we send our kids off to school, we expect them to follow the rules. However, when parents at one elementary school saw the guidelines given to their children, they were outraged. The only question is, would you be too?

Lincoln Public Schools Issues Controversial Rules o Fifth Graders


Lincoln Public Schools in Nebraska found themselves in hot water after giving students some bad advice on a hot topic. As we are all well aware, bullying remains a problem among children in schools. How we deal with it might vary, but not many are in support of LPS’ recommendations.

Don’t tell on bullies or you’ll be labeled a tattletale and no one will like you. Also, if you respond to a bully, then you are actually the one starting the fight. Those are just two pieces of the advice given in a flyer that discusses dealing with bullies, which was sent out to fifth-graders at Anna Zeman Elementary School, according to Lincoln Star Journal. Unfortunately, it only gets worse from there.

Rule 1: In all, the handout was a list of 9 rules, starting with: “Refuse to get mad. Anger is a feeling we have towards our enemies, not our buddies. When you get angry, you are treating them like they are the enemy. Besides, if a bully finds out he/she can get you angry, you have become their puppet.”
Rule 2: “Treat the person who is being mean as if they are trying to help you. No matter how insulting or mean they may sound, be grateful and think they really care about you,” rule 2 tells the children, adding, “This does not mean you have to believe what they tell you.”
Lincoln Public Schools Issues Controversial Rules o Fifth Graders
Rule 3: Don’t fear the bully or treat them like an enemy, rule 3 advises: “Do not be afraid. Fear is something we feel toward enemies, not buddies. When you are afraid, you are treating the bully like an enemy. If you are afraid, you are automatically putting the bully in the stronger position, and you automatically lose, and since the bully wants to keep winning, they will continue to do things that make you feel afraid.”

Rule 4: If you’ve been teaching your child to defend themselves, even just verbally, that’s a no-go according to the Lincoln Public Schools flyer too. “Do not verbally defend yourself. We defend ourselves from enemies, so we are treating the other person as an enemy not a friend. When one person attacks and the other person is the defender, the attacker is in the stronger position, so the defender is automatically the loser. If we defend, we lose,” rule 4 reads.

Lincoln Public Schools Issues Controversial Rules o Fifth Graders
Rule 5: We can agree with rule 5, where it says “Do not attack,” but unfortunately, it insinuates a bully is your friend. “We attack enemies, not friends,” it reads. “If I attack you back, I am treating you like an enemy, so the bully will in return, treat you like an enemy. It takes two people to fight, so it’s the person who retaliates or responds, who actually starts the fight.”