If there is anyone that thinks that Nancy Pelosi is going to sit and play nice now that the mid terms are over you can think again.

You can rest assured in the knowledge that for the next two years the liberals are going to do everything they can to stamp their feet and cry the second that they do not get their way.

In a period of heightened awareness surrounding threats of political violence, recent comments by U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi are attracting some media scrutiny.

As The Washington Times reported, Pelosi was being interviewed last weekend when she shared her vision for the Democratic Party, assuming her side of the aisle regained control of the congressional chamber on Election Day.

During the Brentzen Ball in D.C., she told “Queer Eye” star Jonathan Van Ness that she believes her party must be prepared to “take a punch and throw a punch” in the political arena.

The notable segment comes in the context of a longer quote in which Pelosi laid out what she believes is the party’s path to victory.

“So the point is that what we’re trying to do is just speak to them not about where we disagree, but where we agree, that they need to have a bigger paycheck and lower health care costs and that their voice should be stronger rather than a special dark interest money being spent more important,” she said. “So that’s how we would win.”

Assuming the prevailing wisdom among political pundits that Democrats retake the House, Pelosi indirectly cited her own leadership as a guide to the party’s future direction.

“When we win, when we open our Congress, it will be transparent, just as it was when we were in the majority before,” she said. “We were transparent so that the people can see how legislation affects their lives, not in the dark of night, speed of light, to pass a tax bill that rips them off, but to have legislation that meets their needs, identifies, connects with them so that they see where the Republicans are, where the Democrats are on that.”

Despite laying out stark contrasts between the competing ideologies, Pelosi also encouraged members of her party to reach across the aisle “if possible” to unify and advance the nation.

“And to do so in a way that tries to have as much common ground as possible, bipartisanship if possible, stand our ground like a rock if not, and to try to unify the country,” she said.

Pelosi called on Democrats to be ready for what she described as a counterattack to a potential partisan offense by Republicans.

“We are not them,” she said. “We do not act the way they do. But I do think that when you’re in the arena and somebody throws a punch, you better able to take a punch and throw a punch.”

As for the party’s chances in Tuesday’s midterms, Pelosi has left herself little room in making a clear prediction that it will once again be in the House majority.

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