COME ON: PETA Wants 1,000yr Old Town To CHANGE IT’S NAME

PETA isn’t exactly an organization that has its head screwed on straight when it comes to common sense.

Sometimes they do things that are an act of protest where they have things so backwards it’s hard to imagine that they even managed to get any part of their complaint right.

Something that everyone can agree on is the notion that cruelty to animals is an absolutely horrible thing. However PETA seems to think that every single thing involving an animal is going to be an animal cruelty issue. Hardly the case.

I used to have to drive past the PETA HQ in Virginia when for work many years ago and it just seemed too nice of a building for a so called charitable organization but that’s just a side note and nothing more….wink wink.

Anyway, PETA is the Helen Lovejoy of the world of nonprofit organizations. They will be the first to wave the flag to say that something is wrong before something is even wrong.

PETA wants a 1,000-year-old UK village called ‘Wool’ to change their name.

You know – because “wool” promotes cruelty towards sheep.

If my eyes rolled any harder, they’d pop out of their sockets.

According to Daily Mail: An animal rights group has been roundly mocked after suggesting the Dorset village of Wool change its name – as it currently ‘promotes cruelty to sheep’.

Instead PETA wants the 1,000 year old village to be called ‘Vegan Wool’ – to the derision of residents.

That’s so freaking dumb.

I mean, seriously?

I love animals. I’m ALL ABOUT treating them humanely, and believe there’s a special place in hell for anyone who would purposely inflict pain or torture an animal. No – I’m not a vegan or even vegetarian- but I believe in treating farm animals as humanely as possible.

But THIS kind of crap doesn’t do them ANY favors. ANY kind of positive mission they could ever have is completely drowned out by their IDIOCY when it comes to crap like this.

Elisa Allen, a director at PETA, has written to Wool Parish Council with the ‘ridiculous’ request. She said the change in name would promote kindness to sheep.

The activist said they would give a ‘cruelty-free’ woolen blanket to all 2,000 households in the village if they agree to the suggestion.



Ms Allen said that the people of ‘Vegan Wool’ would show an act of kindness to sheep if they changed the name of the village.

I’m pretty sure residents think PETA should take their blankets and SHOVE ‘EM.

Also the fact that PETA has enough money to waste on 2,000 blankets and would do so to get a town to change their name instead of – you know- ACTUALLY HELP ANIMALS is everything that’s wrong with this moronic organization.

Do you know how many homeless cats and dogs they could shelter and feed with the amount of money they’re willing to blow on blankets?

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