The sad thing about the way that the various social media companies have been conducting themselves is that they could be doing things so much better and it would not take a lot of effort.

There are so many things about social media that are absolutely great. For example, about a year and a half ago I landed in the hospital for about five days over a two week period. When it came time to tell everyone that I had gotten sick and was going to the hospital if this were 20-30 years ago my wife would have had to call X number of people and then let the information trickle down.

Instead, she was able to go on her Facebook page that she had at the time and make one post saying that I was in the hospital. Then she could respond to questions as they came in, and I could show everyone from my phone the hole they had to cut in my hand….it wasn’t pleasant.

If that were to happen today, there would be about three or four other things that we would do before even thinking about going to social media because Zuckerberg would probably censor “Hey, James is in the hospital and he had to get surgery on his hand” because of being a Trump supporter.

The social media giants of this world make enough money that they shouldn’t really care what people say when it comes to personal opinions because it’s just that, their own opinions.

The last thing that places like Facebook don’t realize is that they can always be hit with the MySpace bug where someone or something comes along that is better than what they are doing or the way that they are operating.

A recent poll by SurveyMonkey for Axios appears to show that public opinion on social media firms has become quite negative amongst the majority of people questioned.

57 Percent of Americans surveyed believe that social media hurts democracy and free speech.

A SurveyMonkey poll conducted on November 9 which questioned 3,622 adults in the United States appears to show that the public opinion of social media firms has generally turned quite negative. Only 40 percent of Americans feel social media helps free speech and democracy.

Axios reports that those questioned were asked if they believe that social media does more to help or hurt democracy and free speech, in November 2017 53 percent of adults stated that they believe it helps democracy while 43 percent stated that they believe it hurts democracy, one year later and 57 percent believe that social media hurts democracy while only 40 percent believe that it helps democracy.

Notably, independents have moved from believing social media helps democracy to taking a position similar to Republicans, that it has a harmful effect. This is in contrast to Democrats who still have evenly divided feelings on the matter.

The report from Axios states:

In the past year, there has been a 15-point spike in the number of people who fear the federal government won’t do enough to regulate big tech companies — with 55% now sharing this concern.

  • In that same period, there was a 14-point increase in those who feel technology has hurt democracy and free speech.

  • The biggest spike has been among Republicans, presumably because of increased concern about perceived censorship of conservative voices on social media.

The report blames a number of scandals throughout the past year for the public’s growing distrust of social media companies, notably the Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal in which the personal data of 87 million users was left vulnerable to abuse by third parties.

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