Press Release: We Support Donald Trump Is Being Outright Censored By Facebook


On September 13, 2018 another step was taken in the attempt to quiet conservative voices in the media. Much in the way a librarian would hold a finger to their lips to tell a patron of the library that they are being too loud, the world’s largest social media outlet has done this yet again to another media organization simply because the head of their company does not agree with a conservative based message.

At around 10am Eastern time on September 13, the Facebook Page We Support Donald Trump which boasted a following of approximately two million unique people was shut down in the blink of an eye. This was after the organization had spent several years building a readership base in the millions. In likely less than the time it takes you for to read this sentence it was removed from Facebook without any warning or explanation and the administrators of those Pages had their accounts immediately disabled and not told of the reasons why until they had to jump through several hoops to get an answer.

This effectively cut off millions of conservatives from viewing content from sites such as and its sister site dropping their site visibility to nothing.

In the ensuing days the administrators attempted to contact representatives at Facebook who in response gave vague reasons as to the Page and profile deletions that would hold water as well as a spaghetti strainer you might find in your kitchen at home.

This sudden claim of violations of Facebook policies would already be taken with a grain of salt if it had not been for the fact that since approximately three months after the 2016 Presidential election that Facebook began tightening the grip on how many people a conservative media outlet would be able to have access to. This is after We Support Donald Trump had invested well above three hundred thousand dollars via Facebook Ads to build up the population of its distribution network. In short, Facebook told We Support Donald Trump to buy the supplies from them to build a road and then limited the time of day that they could drive on it. Facebook essentially coerced We Support Donald Trump to buy a product that only Facebook could sell and then cut them off from the use of it.

This is fueling the belief by the managing partners and We Support Donald Trump, Vincent Simons and Iraq War Veteran Daniel Rackley, that this was another coordinated attack on a conservative media outlet to silence voices that Facebook quite frankly doesn’t agree with.

Facebook’s tagline when you first joined the site used to be “a place for friends”. It seems that in reality that the tagline should be amended to “a place for friends as long as you agree with everything our boss agrees with otherwise we are going to symbolically tape your mouth shut”, which is what has happened to We Support Donald Trump.

They are not asking for preferential treatment as opposed to left leaning publications and websites. All they are asking for is as wide a berth as liberal media outlets seem to be getting no matter what they happen to publish on a given day.

With a country like the United States that holds the tenets of the First Amendment so close to its chest no matter what side of the aisle you sit on, it’s quite troubling that an organization such as Facebook can take an organization such as We Support Donald Trump and engage in behavior that is tantamount to book burning.