The End To The Rosenstein Coup Attempt Is Like The Last Five Minutes Of A Columbo Episode

It was no accident, no hasty move that caused the New York Times to effectively hang Rowdy Roddy Rosenstein out to dry over the weekend.

The timing of the President’s declassification order and their move to push Roddy out into the light was no coincidence.  It was not nearly as close as you needing ten dollars and finding a twenty on the ground.

That being said, you can bet that twenty we all just found that the story was meant to advance a narrative and perhaps shield others from being exposed in that same light that Rosenstein now finds himself in. I say that because the New York Times prints not word one that doesn’t serve a specific agenda. I’m including obituaries and the crossword puzzle in that.

This whole playbook that has been being run for what seems like forever now has been to serve a much more sinister purpose, to protect the Clintons and Barack “Herpes” Obama any way that they can.

They’ve made Rowdy Roddy a pawn.

Somehow, much like Andy wading through a literal river of excrement at the end of Shawshank has somehow navigated all of the potholes that mysteriously keep popping up whenever he wants to do something good for the country, the President presses on and still manages to get things done.

His determination were never fully guarded by those trying to plot against hi but he is now posted to begin bringing these people to justice. The declassification order will raise the veil on the corruption that existed in an environment where it seems that the only goal of a good number of folks in power was to try and rig an election.

The declassification order includes the final FISA application, all reports prepared in connection with interviews pertaining to the FISA application, Bruce Ohr’s 302’s, and all the communications (personal or otherwise) related to the Russia investigation that were exchanged between James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Bruce Ohr.

No one knows the extent of the seditious behavior, the level of international involvement, and the coordination that took place under the direction of the Obama White House, better than Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein who has been in charge of all previous and document releases and the redactions therein.

The release of the information demanded by President Trump will make it obvious to everyone except the most obtuse Obama and Clinton sycophants that the abuse of their authority passed criminal and went all the way to seditious.

The Times may have outed Rosenstein with hopes that Trump would fire him and that would be the predicate to trigger the re-opening of the special counsel’s obstruction investigation.  But, Trump didn’t bite leaving Rosenstein waiting at the gallows.

It was a longshot at best but as the final curtain is about to be lifted it was worth a try.

Or, perhaps Rosenstein was responsible for the Times story.

There are some men who, when confronted with their unseemly past, take matters into their own hands and end things prematurely before being dragged through a period of protracted torture waiting for each new shoe to drop.

Which begs the question, did Ol Roddy decide to take off his own mask so he could release himself from what must have been endless days and nights of mental torture worrying about all of this?

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