RUSH WARNS TRUMP: Bust Up Facebook Or LOSE In 2020

There’s something to the notion that one company can be too powerful. Let’s use the phone companies as an example.

For years, the United States had one phone company. Then the government declared it to be a monopoly and they ended up forming several smaller companies that later went onto become the companies that would call you in the middle of dinner asking if you were happy with your long distance coverage.

Competition is good. It builds interest in everyone’s product and it gives people a variety of choices. Back to the phone for a moment, when was the last time you thought about your long distance bill? You haven’t because it doesn’t exist anymore because competition has made it that way in part.

Had they not broken up the phone companies you’d probably still be paying a quarter a minute for long distance or whatever.

That being said, Facebook is effectively a monopoly because they have too many irons in too many fires that they have effectively stopped others from getting into. Rush Limbaugh, like many others, is someone that thinks this is absolutely dangerous.

Rush covered a big issue on his show Monday.

What’s the big issue? Tech Giants and whether they need to experience an Anti-Trust breakup. Glen Reynolds was making the case that they do. And Rush agrees.


RUSH: Glenn Harlan Reynolds, who’s a friend and a law professor at the University of Tennessee, has a column out today in USA Today saying that Trump has got… Forget prison or anything else. If Trump doesn’t get a handle on the monopolies that exist now — Facebook, Google, Netflix, and (What’s the other one?) Amazon, the social media titans — that if this not gotten handle on, we don’t have a prayer because they have monopolized social media, and in the process of monopolizing it and mass media, they are excluding anything and everybody conservative.

So Glenn’s piece today is suggesting that Trump needs to do his own version of Teddy Roosevelt and bust ’em up. Teddy Roosevelt busted up the trusts, among them Standard Oil, the Rockefeller family, and J. P. Morgan, who was on the verge (chuckles) of owning the United States financial markets. Do you know back in the late 1800s, early 1900s, when the federal government needed money, they went to J. P. Morgan to borrow it? Before there was a tax code, before there was a tax system, they went to J. P. Morgan to get money. Well, J. P. Morgan was one of the trusts that Teddy Roosevelt busted up.

I’ll tell you, Glenn Reynolds makes a pervasive case in this — and even if he hadn’t made it, it’s a scary thing. You know, I don’t like monopolies, and I really hate government intervention, but this social media stuff is getting totally out of hand, especially, folks… There’s now polling data. I forget where a term. I’ll find it just a second. It’s a credible polling unit. Do you know that 42% of the American people believe that the Russians meddled with votes in 2016? This has been one of the most successful hoaxes that has ever been run in politics.

This has been one of the most successful disinformation campaigns ever, the fact that the Russians and Trump colluded to steal the election. There isn’t any evidence! In fact, in announcing the latest series of indictments, Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, made it clear that in none of the indictment that Mueller has announced is there any allegation or evidence that a single vote was tampered with! Yet you read newspaper accounts of this or watch cable news accounts, they don’t even mention that that has been acknowledged and admitted by the government.

They continue with the myth that not only did Trump and the Russians collude, but the Russians tampered with vote totals. It did not happen, and yet 42% of the American people believe it largely because of the media — and social media, which is one of the biggest promotional groundswells for that point of view. You talk about misinformation and disinformation? This is profound. There is no evidence that any of this happened!

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