HUGE Schumer Scandal Unfolding! Massive Closet Of Skeletons REVEALED!

The end might be near for the political career of Chuck Schumer. To the surprise of nobody he has been engaging in some excessively shady dealings.

Social media and tech companies have for the past couple of years been giving a wide berth to companies that hold liberal values and throwing a wet blanket over ones with conservative values.

So now it has come to pass that Chuck Schumer has been embroiled in another scandal with THE massive soical media group.

It has been revealed that the implied connection between Schumer and the Coca Coca of social media giants is a lot deeper than anyone could ever imagine.

From The New York Post:

And Alison Schumer, the senator’s youngest of two daughters, works as a Facebook product marketing manager – which pays an average of $160,000, according to

“It sure looks hinky,” political strategist Susan Del Percio told The Post. “This is an industry that’s been trying for years to fend off heavy government regulation by actively cultivating relationships with senators and House members.

The fact that the current Senate minority leader is in bed with one of the biggest online influencers in the world could be a major ethical violation, and possibly even illegal.

But Schumer always sides with money over his constituents and the country, and the $50,000 in donations he’s received from Facebook has gone a long way in buying his loyalty.

Schumer constantly overlooks Facebook’s privacy violations and their exposure of users’ personal information. When Zuckerberg was called to testify before Congress, Schumer defended the company.

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