WATCH: Student Wearing MAGA Hat Gets Revenge After Teacher Cusses Him Out, EVACUATED Classroom

One of the first things that liberals will always do when they find someone that disagrees with them politically is to claim that they are intolerant of any number of things.

However, if you look at the vast majority of their actions they are always the first to whine and stamp their feet the second they see something that they don’t like.

Now this isn’t a “the restaurant has Pepsi and you wanted Coke” type of situation most of the time where any normal person would resign themselves to drinking the Pepsi. A liberal would just start breaking the soda machine into little pieces.

Tolerance means things that sometimes putting up with things that you just don’t agree with, like a man on a plane talking about whatever when all you want to do is sleep and get home. Or like when I took my son to a baseball game last summer and the next row of seats down there was this old lady and her husband who were making some pretty sickening criticisms of President Trump.

Despite my want and a severe one at that to give them a piece of my mind, I let it go and tried to tune them out as best I could because being tolerant means not always putting someone you disagree with on blast.

On the other hand, liberals will shriek like the lady in the old cartoons when she sees a mouse and will jump on a stool to keep from something they don’t like coming near them.

A teacher was caught on video angrily ranting at a student for calmly wearing President Donald Trump’s iconic “Make America Great Again” hat.

The video starts with the student calling out the teacher for targeting him because of his political views.

“You’re admitting to discriminating against a certain group of people,” the student said.

Then, the teacher went on a long, incomprehensible rant about workplace “decorum.”

“I don’t get what that has to do with expressing my political views,” the student replied.

The teacher responded by accusing the student of using the hat to “provoke” others.

“Stop provoking people… People are provoked by the presence of your hat,” the teacher said.

That’s an absurd reason to ask someone to remove their hat. Students are too sensitive if they are “provoked” by a campaign slogan used by their own president.

The date and location of the incident were not available, but the video was posted to YouTube on Sunday by a user identified as Frank Sharp. By Wednesday morning, it had amassed almost 200,000 views. And it’s easy to see why.

If students were truly upset about the student’s hat, which is sadly believable, then they shouldn’t have looked at it. The students should have focused on their lesson instead of letting themselves get “provoked” by a harmless hat.

But I guess the students couldn’t focus on their lesson even if they wanted to because their teacher stopped class to berate the hat-wearing student.

The teacher seemed to be the most upset person in the room. I don’t think he’s cut out for the job if he’s going to make such a big deal out of a Trump hat.

“You’re putting me in a position where I’m either going to gather everyone up and go to another classroom, and you can remain here, like an a**hole, or you can take your hat off.”

“Don’t we have freedom of expression and freedom to education?” the student asked.

“I don’t care. You do not. You’re not an adult,” the teacher responded.

The student wouldn’t concede and the teacher gathered up the entire class to evacuate the classroom as if the MAGA hat was radioactive waste.

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