The Left Are LOSING THEIR MINDS Over The New Host On The View…..Whoopi Is LIVID

It’s a wonder how The View has been on so long with the way that it seems like all they do is complain.

Most of your successful shows that were on in the morning or early afternoon were on in the past always tried to have a middle ground where there could be some lightheartedness because nobody wants to start the day angry before the second cup of coffee fully saturates their body.

However, The View wants to take a different approach and get everyone angry. Maybe they are being paid extra to do that, who knows but it seems like that is the product that they want to sell is anger.

Just look at what happened with the incident with Whoopi Goldberg and Judge Jeanine recently, that was a hit job if there ever was one.

I can’t personally think of any talk show host where the show wasn’t supposed to be specifically about politics where the host would have someone on that they did not personally care for.

It seems though that the scales are being evened out on The View

FOX’s Abby Huntsman will be joining ‘The View’ to be the second conservative on the show now.

Megan McCain is also on the show so now Megan won’t have to battle the lefty lunatics all by herself.

Abby has been a Fox News anchor and reporter for a few years and is braving the battleground on ‘The View’. We wish her well and hope they don’t chew up and spit out this sweet young lady.

Huntsman’s father is John Huntsman who is Trump’s Ambassador to Russia…Oh boy! This will be interesting!

Abby Huntsman was trending on Twitter and it was not a pretty picture when we went to see why she was moving up in the topics.

Looks like the left is having a fit over another conservative joining the show. ‘

The View’ has famously been a lover of all things anti-Trump with the exception of McCain who typically defends the president.

Joy Reid and Whoopi Goldberg are the main lefty lunatics on the show with Sunni Hostin coming in a close third.

Fake conservative Anna Navarro also makes appearances to trash Trump.

We just hope Abby can hold her own!


Media Matters started things off and then it just went downhill from there…Opposing voices ARE NOT welcome with these people.

Jared is a “super fan” and is so disappointed by this decision…LOL!

It goes on and on with people who don’t want a conservative to join the group. It’s almost like these leftists don’t believe in ANY OPPOSING VIEWS…

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