This Native American Cover Of ‘Unchained Melody’ Will Give You Chills…

There are a great deal of musical performances that are absolutely amazing.

Of course I am talking about everything from giant orchestra pieces all the way down to the old man with the banjo.

Heck, I was in a train station about two years ago when I was sitting on a bench when I heard a guy with an electric violin of all things playing like he belonged in a major city orchestra.

Music is truly one of those great equalizers because everyone in some form loves some kind of musical performance.

However, there is one that just gives me chills down to my core in the best possible way.

Inka Gold covers the classic 1965 hit song ‘Unchained Melody’ by The Righteous Brothers with a Native American twist.

I have watched this several times and I am completely astounded by the absolute beauty in which they perform this song.

This is one of the most beautiful musical pieces I’ve ever seen, be prepared to be BLOWN AWAY!