THUGS Threaten Lone White Guy. Find Out It’s A BIG MISTAKE Too Late! (Video)

One thing that people don’t particularly plan for when they aim to bother someone or commit a crime are the various things that can go awry if their plan goes wrong.

For example many years ago a member of my family was hit in the back while walking out of a rest area in the middle of nowhere.

It seemed like the guy’s plan was to hit my uncle over the head and steal his car.

What the guy didn’t know is that my uncle was carrying and had it drawn by the time he hit the pavement. He spun around and the guy had a gun in his face.

People that try to do harm to others rarely think of the million things that could go wrong and they usually pay for it dearly.

A shocking video has emerged out of Anaheim, California. A large group of degenerates surrounded one lone white guy who is obviously fed up with the obnoxious behavior of one of the punks. Within seconds, the situation went from bad to worse as they attacked the man all at once.

What happened next is the reason that this shocking video has gone viral.

According to Daily Mail, the thugs seen in the video were surrounding a lone white guy who they assumed could be overpowered by their numbers. Little did they know when they decided to harass him that they were messing with an armed off-duty LAPD officer.

After watching the video, you will agree that one of these thugs is lucky to have escaped with his life after the off-duty cop discharges his firearm while wrestling the group of thugs.

The mob mentality seen in the video was astonishing as these delinquents argued with and then attacked the off-duty cop in front of his home.

According to the video, the altercation began when the young thug confronted the cop over his dislike for a girl in his group being told to get off the lawn. In the video, the officer was seen restraining the boy around the neck and shoulders.

As the video continued, the cop was seen trying to walk the boy back to his property and was attacked by a group of his friends as he tried to cross over a hedge. That’s when the cop decided enough was enough and pulled his firearm. He can be seen trying to wrestle the thug over the hedge when the gun went off.

It was all fun and games for the group of thugs until they saw that the cop wasn’t playing around. The minute the gun went off, they could be seen running down the street in a panic.

Via Mad World News