Tucker Rips Univision Host A New One, Shows His Absolute Hypocrisy About Illegal Caravan

Tucker Carlson is absolutely great when it comes to the idea of telling people the truth no matter what side of the aisle that they sit on.

Now the great big talking point for every liberal seems to be talking about the migrant caravan that traveled thousands of miles to the American border under the claim that they are seeking asylum.

We all know that this is a load of nonsense and any reporter that had the guys to tell the truth would say so. The issue at hand, however, is that liberal reporters are effectively being fed their lines like they are in a play and parroting talking points that were given to them. Sort of like a prepared statement.

Many years from now, historians are going to look back at this year and come to the conclusion that it was the year that the word racist lost all meaning.

It’s being misused worse than the way people misuse literally. It also used to be a very specific point. If you called someone a racist you knew exactly what they meant.

This doesn’t mean that everything involving someone of a different skin color is racist. If someone on the news mentions they are looking for a black suspect in a crime that doesn’t mean that they are racist. They are just being descriptive.

This is a slippery slope that we have been going down as a society to paint everyone and everything that people don’t agree with as racist because it’s one of the hardest things to defend against if someone calls you that.

For example, about eight years ago I had to call my cable company at the time about how they had a missed a service appointment for what seemed like the hundredth time and they still hadn’t fixed the original problem. I was on the phone with the customer service rep and I said, “I don’t know what the heck you people are doing…” in reference to the company because after all I was on the phone with the person and had no idea the level of melanin in their skin. This person actually said to me, “what do you mean by you people?” Trying to bait me into some sort of accusation of racism.

That’s the liberal argument though, if you can’t win the argument just yell racism.

Over the last several days, residents of Tijuana, Mexico, have been protesting against thousands of border crossers who clashed with police and surged into Mexico.

Many Mexicans feel that Central American aliens are taking advantage of their country, which has its own problems right now.

In response, left-leaning news outlets within Mexico started labeling their actions as “racism.”

Frontera, for instance, declared that Tijuana residents upset with their city being overrun were “racista,” despite the fact that, er, the people on both sides of the issue are Hispanics.

On Monday, a liberal commentator from the Spanish-language news channel Univision made a similar claim — but he was immediately shut down by Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

“We just saw a group of Mexican citizens in Tijuana, saying basically the same things that President Trump says, almost to the word, endorsing Trump,” Carlson pointed out. “Are they white supremacists?”

“Intolerance, hate and even racism flow freely across borders,” Univision journalist Enrique Acevedo responded.

That response was so bizarre that Carlson stopped the interview to draw attention to it.

“Yes, racism exists in Mexico toward Central Americans,” Acevedo replied, confirming that he has no idea what the words “race” or “racism” mean.

There you have it: The word “racist” can now be used against anyone for any reason. Hispanics have a problem with other Hispanics, so they clearly they’re racist. Stop asking questions.

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